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The employees of California deserve fair pay and a safe workplace, free from harassment or discrimination. Unfortunately, many hardworking individuals instead encounter a hostile workplace on a daily basis. Others are not fairly compensated for their work.  Thankfully, recourse is available.

If you’ve been mistreated on the job or wrongfully terminated, it’s time to stand up for your rights. You’ll find the quality representation you deserve at the Law Offices of Ann A. Hull, Inc., a trusted employment and labor law firm since 2007.

Service Area

The Law Offices of Ann A. Hull, Inc. serves workers in California.  While our main office is located in Woodland Hills, California, we take pride in our ability to provide clients throughout the state with convenient telephone consultations and an online portal where clients can see case updates and documents in real time.

Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Ann A. Hull, Inc. assists the incredible employees of the Los Angeles area. The region is home to millions of hardworking individuals. Unfortunately, many are mistreated by their employers. Whether harassed, discriminated against, or wrongfully terminated, these upstanding individuals deserve justice.  That’s where the Law Offices of Ann A. Hull, Inc. comes in.

Ann A. Hull is well aware of the many wrongs California employees face on a daily basis. In many cases, successful resolutions to disputes with employers or former employers can be successfully resolved without the filing of a lawsuit.  We also negotiate contracts and severance packages. However, when a lawsuit is necessary, our office files lawsuits against problematic employers and are willing to take cases to trial.

Working With the Law Offices of Ann A. Hull, Inc.

No matter your current legal predicament, you deserve counsel from an attorney who cares. You’ll find exactly that when you work with the Law Offices of Ann A. Hull, Inc. Deeply passionate about the workers of California, Ann A. Hull treats all clients with the respect they deserve. She’s kindhearted during private consultations, but aggressive in her dealings with problematic employers.

Whether you have questions about your employment situation, or need help filing a lawsuit, you can count on California employment & labor attorney Ann A. Hull. Reach out today to learn more about the Law Offices of Ann A. Hull, Inc. and your options as a wronged employee in the Los Angeles area.

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